Mar. 6, 2015


We had our first set of triplets yesterday afternoon. We were extremely lucky that we had gotten home a little earlier than normal, because she had already had the first ewe lamb when we checked on her in the barn. The lamb was pretty cold and needed some help warming up. We got her wrapped up pretty quick. The kids loved getting to hold her in the truck to keep her warm. She had her second one, a ewe, in the barn, while Ben was making her a place to stay in the basement. We were having temperatures in the single digits tonight, so the best place for them was the basement. We moved momma and the two babies to the basement than she had her last lamb, a ram. She is a great momma and is taking care of them fabulously! All are doing well this morning! It was definitely a more eventful night than we thought we were going to have, but we are so grateful everything turned out so well.